It is always our goal to help our client to realize their business vision. Sunstar Infosys provides multiple services to our clients in a cost effective and timely manner. Our highly skilled development team provides you with tailored solution which best fit your business and technology needs.

Customized software development

Sunstar Infosys has established a proven software development process to work together with our clients to effectively manage the lifecycle of an outsourced software development project. We employ a staged delivery approach to ensure that our software product fully meets the client's expectations. We can either provide a turn-key solution or participate in a joint development depending on the client's needs. In addition to the source code and executables, we also provide the customer with detailed design and user documentation. Based on the client's needs, we can also provide deployment support, user training and on-going technical support.

Offshore Development Center

Sunstar Infosys takes off the IT and software development burden from our clients and let them stay focused on their core businesses. We strive to build long term relations with our clients and provide outstanding customer services. To meet the needs of our clients in different time zones, we have adopted flexible work hours to ensure some overlaps in work hours with our clients.

Software migration / reengineering

In today's dynamic business environment, new functional and performance requirements are continuously required to existing system by the ever changing market. However it is common to find that the legacy system is hard to be upgraded to meet all the new requirements; and more and more problems emerge in the legacy system, such as maintenance problem, Scalability problems, Business logic mix-up, integration problem with other systems, etc. It is critical to know when to adopt new technology and when to keep current applications in place. With a view to protect your investment on current system, our migration analyst will develop a reasonable solution??regarding the effective use of the target technology and the legacy system functionality.

Software maintenance / support

Providing timely and effective maintenance / support services to our clients is always on top of our priority. Combining essential technical skills, in depth understanding of business requirement and effective process, the Sunstar Infosys maintenance team is able to meet a variety of maintenance/ support challenges. We can also provide 7X24 coverage for critical applications.

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